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Lisa's relentless quest for expansion and growth is evident by the life she leads and paths she's walked.

Her broad view on life has promoted a cascade of enquiry and her passion for this exploration is luminous and un-ending.

She began exploring Reiki and other spiritual practices as well as studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) and graduated from her 1120 hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2011.

Since then she has owned two (2) Yoga studios, hosts international Yoga retreats and teaches people how to meditate self-sufficiently.

She currently facilitates meditation courses, group meditations and very much enjoys building communities. 

Lisa believes facing and acknowledging her fears and discomforts has caused her to take action in order to grow, gain clarity, increased awareness, reduced suffering and find meaning by deepening and widening her practices and knowledge to ultimately experience greater love and truth.

Lisa's desire is to help people become empowered within their own routines and rituals to overcome past hurts and conditioning that may be limiting their potential to experience greater, more sustainable happiness and fulfilment.


Her simple message is RELAX & ENJOY!

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